Thursday, February 23, 2012

What You Can Compost at Home

Common greens you have at home that can be composted:

  • Fruit and veggie scraps. Avoid onions and citrus. Yes, they can be composted, but for your indoor compost bin it’s best to stay away.

  • Coffee grounds and tea bags

  • Grass clippings. Only if the grass hasn’t been treated with chemical fertilizers.

  • Plain cooked rice or pasta

  • Stale crackers, bread, cereal or pretzels

  • Old herbs and spices

  • Egg shells. Not really a green, but they can be composted

Common browns you have at home that can be composted:

  • Cardboard including boxes and toilet paper rolls

  • Dryer lint

  • Dried leaves

  • Shredded black and white newspaper

  • Hair from your brush. Make sure there is no gel or hairspray in it

  • Shredded bills and documents

Source: Urban Organic Gardner

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